blue ocean e-commerce & the "magical" ads alchemist himself wave their magic wand and declare:
facebook ads struggles...
7-Figure Media Buyer Ads Alchemist Is Revealing The EXACT E-Commerce Ad Strategies He’s Using RIGHT NOW in 2019 & Beyond To "Magically" Overcome Rising Ad Costs, Heightened Competition, And Increased Volatility... While Not Only Remaining Profitable, But Scaling Into Profit Territory Previously UNHEARD Of!
“I eat volatility for breakfast” says this Facebook Ads Wizard who consistently generates 7-figure sales numbers with his eyes closed.
“If you’re running Facebook ads for e-commerce, you’d have to be dumber than a brain-dead monkey not to make your investment back 10x over every month.”
UPDATE AS OF 10/23/2019:
The November Issue of Ads ElDorado is now available!

Dear Reader,

If a machine existed that for every $1 you put in, you got $3 right back out, near instantly, with no catches or gimmicks, how much money would you stuff into it?



All the money you had?

If you’re smart, probably the last option. 

When something quite literally multiplies your money, you’d be dumb NOT to throw every last dollar you had into it. 

Of course, a machine like this doesn’t actually exist in the real world.

But, on this page, you’ll find something that’s just about as close to this “magic money machine” as you can get.

It’s called,
“The Ads ElDorado Newsletter”
And, granted you’re in the business of running Facebook ads selling physical products online (i.e. e-commerce), it very well could be even BETTER than this hypothetical magic money machine.

Here’s the deal:

The Ads ElDorado Newsletter is a monthly physical newsletter (there is no digital version) designed specifically to give e-commerce store owners, dropshippers, and Facebook media buyers a wealth of directly actionable Facebook ads information they can get, act on, and see massive results in their business near instantly, even as quickly as the very same day they use them.
It’s not your general “tips and tricks” you’ll find on YouTube or anything else.

All the information is a mixture of case study-like examples from Ads Alchemist's 7 and 8-figure e-commerce clients, and hard tactical teaching of the specific Facebook strategies that are working for him right now...

Essentially, it allows you to ride shotgun with him.

Look over his shoulder.

See the exact strategies and tactics that are working like crazy on Facebook right now...

And ultimately, swipe, steal, and use them for yourself to multiply YOUR own Facebook profits.
Clients like this one, for example...
The goal?

For you to take the information inside, immediately apply the tweaks we lay out each month to your campaigns, ad sets, and ads, and…
Make your monthly investment back the very same day you use it!
Non-action takers need not apply. This information is meant for swift and direct application, and without that, the expensive monthly investment will likely not be worth it for you.

Now, all that said:

The Facebook ads platform has become extremely volatile these last few months. 

With so many changes to the algorithm, a near complete lack of support from Facebook itself, and a whole lot of uncertainty about where things are headed, now more than ever it’s absolutely crucial to be up-to-date on the latest information of what’s working and what’s not.

Which, is the other “USP” of this newsletter.

Being such a “heavy hitter” with Facebook ads (spending hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars per month across his different client accounts), Ads Alchemist enjoys some perks and advantages not available to us “regular advertisers.”

Like, for example:

He’s in direct contact with multiple Facebook employees.

Meaning in a lot of cases, he’s one of the first people to know about upcoming tweaks and changes to the platform, sometimes even before actual Facebook reps themselves.

Of course, meaning that:

As a subscriber, each month YOU will also be privy to this private information as it becomes available in real time (oftentimes weeks before it’s released to the public), giving you the chance to be apart of a very exclusive group of “in the know” Facebook advertisers.

(How’s that for an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE?)

So, who is this for exactly?

The Ads ElDorado Newsletter is, above all, for people who are running Facebook ads for e-commerce and looking to SERIOUSLY multiply their results. We’re not teaching the basics here (you can go on YouTube for that) — we’re giving you the directly actionable strategies you can implement in your campaigns, ad sets, and ads immediately, to get near INSTANT results.

It won’t teach you how to set up campaigns.

How to pick products.

Or anything like that.

It will, however, show you how to take what you’re already doing with Facebook, and do it 10x better.

How exactly?

Here’s a little sneak peak at what’s going inside the November 2019 edition:
(Heads up: the final deadline to subscribe in time to get it is October 27, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST. After that it will have already been sent to the printer, and it will be too late to get it.)
  • An in-depth breakdown of how scaling affects the Facebook algorithm, and why not understanding this is the #1 reason people fail to scale (Page 2.)
  • ​How the Facebook algorithm chooses who to show your ads to, and why it’s likely not as simple as you think (Page 2.)
  • The 9 things that can (and will) reset your ad sets back to the dreaded Learning Phase (Page 3.)
  • ​Exactly how much to scale your ad set budgets by to avoid resetting them back to the Learning Phase while still effectively scaling vertically (Page 4.)
  • The only TRUE way to scale when you’re spending less than $1,000 day on Facebook (Page 4.)
  • ​How to use the “stair step” approach to reach the promise land of sustainable Facebook ads scaling (Page 5.)
  • A dead-simple formula for figuring out whether or not you should scale an ad set or campaign (Page 5.)
  • 3 weird types of ads that can decrease your cost per purchase when scaling (Page 6.)
  • The #1 Black Friday mistake e-commerce sellers make… BEFORE Black Friday even happens! (Page 11.)
  • ​Why running discounts on Black Friday can actually be detrimental to your sales (Page 11.)
  • ​The ONLY metric you should be focused on increasing with your Black Friday promotions (Page 12.)
  • ​2 types of promotions that absolutely KILL on Black Friday, and how to use them (Page 12.)
  • How to make 99% sure your payment processor doesn’t shut you down this Black Friday Cyber Monday (Page 13.)
  • ​What to say to PayPal to reduce the chances of your account getting suspended or your money held (Page 13.)
  • Credit card secrets for ensuring you can spend as much as you need to on ads without worry (and also get some free flights out of it, too. Page 14.)
  • ​The #1 way e-commerce sellers unintentionally FORFEIT their BFCM profits, and how to avoid it (Page 14.)
  • How to “leverage” your supplier into giving you volume discounts that can significantly increase your profit margin this BFCM (Page 14.)
  • ​The harsh reality of dropshipping at scale, why it’s almost impossible, and how to do things instead to create a more long-term business (Page 15.)

Alright, all that said, here's the deal:

Ads ElDorado is $98 per month, and shipping is free no matter what country you live in.

There are also no refunds or guarantees.

But, you are free to cancel any time and for any (or no) reason at all, swiftly and without hassle.

The information in this newsletter is meant for SERIOUS e-commerce store owners, dropshippers, and Facebook media buyers who are already spending money on ads, and who know the value of investing in information that has the potential to quite literally double, triple — even QUADRUPLE their sales.

Truthfully, there are no costs involved here.

It's an investment.

If you apply the directly actionable information we lay out for you, it will be near impossible for you NOT to make your monthly investment back in spades each month.

(And honestly it shouldn't take longer than 3 days.)


What's that?

2, 3, 4, 5 extra sales each month?

Even if only 10% of what I'm saying here is true, do you think this newsletter could help you make just 5 extra sales each month?

If so, you'd no longer be paying for the information here...
The information would be paying yOU!
And truly, that's our goal here.

This newsletter is meant to be your very own "magic" money machine that MULTIPLES your investment each and every month, and continues paying out dividends for months and years to come.

Reality is:

Facebook is a goldmine right now.

Those of us who know the platform, we're making out like bandits.

Now, it's your turn.

Will you join us?

Click the Join Ads ElDorado Now button to try it out.

You'll receive the September issue the first week of the month, and every additional issue so long as you stay subscribed each month thereafter.

Click the button below to get started:

As always, the rest is up to you...
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How long is each issue?
Each issue is 16 pages long, single spaced in size 11 font.

The information is also VERY dense, so you will likely want to go back and read it multiple times to fully benefit from the knowledge inside.
When will I receive the newsletter?
You will receive Ads ElDorado via first class mail the first week of each month.
Is this available in PDF or digitally?

Ads ElDorado is ONLY available in physical form, ink on paper, delivered right to your door. There is no way to get it (digitally or otherwise) other than subscribing and receiving it in first class mail.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel any time for any reason by emailing us directly at Once we've received your request to cancel, you will be removed from the mailing list within 24 business hours and never be charged again. 

It's also important to note that if you cancel, you will automatically be blacklisted from our cart software and NOT allowed to re-subscribe ever again.
Do you really blacklist people who unsubscribe?
In the overwhelming majority of cases, yes.

This isn't a "get rich quick" or "make money online" scheme or anything like that. Straight up, it takes work. It won't happen overnight and those who think they can purchase information of any kind and magically get results without putting in the work are the exact OPPOSITE kinds of people this newsletter is aimed towards.

Further, this isn't something you just get "once" and are set for life. It's a skillset you constantly hone and improve on and apply over the course of months, even years. Just like how you don't go to the gym once and expect to be jacked the next day, you don't get one issue of Ads ElDorado and magically know everything there is to know about Facebook ads.

If you aren't planning to be here with us profiting hand over first for the long haul, this isn't for you.
What if I’m not yet running ads but want to start a store or get into e-commerce, will this help me?
If you apply it, it will. If you don't, it won't. 

This information is strictly meant for swift implementation, if you aren't running ads and/or don't have plans to in the near future, this isn't for you.
I’m already making money with Shopify and I know how to run Facebook ads, will this help me scale my store further?
If you apply it, absolutely. 

The information in The Ads ElDorado newsletter comes direct from our resident Facebook Ads Wizard, Ads Alchemist, who is currently spending millions of dollars per month on Facebook ads across his different client accounts. ("Scale" may as well be his middle name...)
Can this be used for lead generation, app downloads, or other types of media buying besides e-commerce?
Truthfully, a lot of the information in this newsletter likely can be used for purposes outside of e-commerce, and there's a good chance you'd see better results because of it. That said though, the main focus of this newsletter is Facebook ads for e-commerce, and e-commerce only. That includes e-commerce brands, dropshipping stores, and selling physical products online. Lead gen and any other form of media buying is NOT the focus here.
Do you accept PayPal, Bitcoin, or any other forms of payment?

The only form of payment we accept at this time is debit or credit card.
I do social media marketing and run Facebook ads for clients, will this work for me?
If your clients are e-commerce clients, yes. (Not to mention the fact that the more clients you have, the more of a "multiplication" effect you're likely to see.)
I'm a complete beginner and have never generated a dollar online, is this for me?
No sirree!

Ads ElDorado is a results multiplier. Zero multiplied by 1,000 is still zero. If you don't have a business of some sort that runs Facebook ads (or at the very least, don't have plans to in the near future), it won't do you much good.
Is there a free trial?

We don't cater to freebie-seekers. Valuable information that can (and if applied, will) literally multiply your sales numbers doesn't come cheap. Ads ElDorado is the Ferrari of Facebook ads information — you don't just walk into a Ferrari dealership expecting to test drive one for free do you?
Can I subscribe for a full year in advance?

Subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis (every 30 days) only. 
Last Call To Subscribe In Time To Get The November 2019 Issue:
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